Buck RidgeThis time of year we have a lot of people looking for long term or seasonal rentals. While a large chunk of the properties in Summit County are rental properties, most are short term rentals.  That allows the owner to come out and use it too.  If it is rented for the winter or for an entire year, the owner doesn’t get to enjoy it themselves.  Most people buy a property with the intent to use it themselves, even if just for a few weeks a year.  Because most properties are rented short term, most property management companies handle short term rentals.  They don’t have properties you can rent for 6 or 12 months at a time.  This can make finding a place difficult.  On top of that, the closer we get to ski season, the more rentals are booked and the harder they are to find.

We handle real estate sales, not rentals, but even so, we receive a lot of inquiries.  We try and direct people to the best resources we know to try and facilitate their search. We point out property management companies that deal with long term and seasonal rentals and the local newspaper where classified ads for rentals are posted. Below is a list of our recommendations.  If you know of a better resource, let us know. We’re always trying to improve the resources we offer.

Summit Mountain Rentals www.SummitRentals.com 800-383-7382

Wildernest Property Management www.Wildernest.com 970-513-5600

Our local newspaper is the Summit Daily News www.SummitDaily.com