New Years ResolutionIf your 2015 resolution was to spend more quality time with your family, a Summit County vacation home is a great way to achieve your goal. A vacation home in Summit County will bring your family to you. No matter how far away they are, a get together at the Summit County cabin will appeal to them and draw them in. The reality is, this may be the easiest New Year’s resolution you have ever made!

Step 1 – Finances

The best way to accomplish resolutions is to break the huge achievement down into manageable chunks. In this case, the first step would be to determine your price range. Are you comfortable spending $200,000 or $1,000,000? Would you need a loan to make it happen or would you liquidate other assets and pay cash? If a loan is involved talk to a local lender and make sure they are on the same page you are. We can help you find a great local lender if you need one. Once you have determined a price range, we should set you up on a property search.

Step 2 – Property Search

Will the price range you are comfortable in get you the property you want? Taking a look online at what your money will buy is the next step. By setting you up on a search, we will send you properties that fit your criteria and save you time searching the internet.

Summit County Vacation home makes a great New Year's resolutionStep 3 – Look at Property

The next step is to look at some properties in person. There’s a lot you can’t tell from the internet. Sometimes you can get a feel for the floorplan, but usually it’s a little different in person than you anticipate. The neighborhood feel is something you have to be there in person to see. And the condo complex configuration is always a mystery until you see it.

Step 4 – The Offer

Finally, it’s time for an offer on the property that works best for you. We’ll negotiate with the seller and hopefully come to a price that works. Then, we handled the details, helping you as review the information to ensure your decision to buy this place is a good one.

Accomplished Resolution

Once the place is yours, the family will be there with you before you know it. Next January, you’ll be looking back at 2015 and have so many more family memories at your Summit County vacation home. You’ll be able to mark your 2015 resolution off as a success and come up with a new one for 2016. If your resolution wasn’t to spend more time with your family this year, maybe you should consider it. We’re happy to help you as you look into the idea and determine if it’s right for you.